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Something Series (and some Freebies!)

So we’re all about the series right now! Last week we started our Feature Friday series which will be every friday- and today we’re starting a mini series- the Somethings. Guesses? Yep, we’re breaking down the ‘Something old, Something new’ tradition and giving you ideas on how to make the most of the sweet tradition- and what the heck it means! We’ll be running this one just once a month- today we’re talking about the tradition and next month we’ll start with something old. You know that’s our favourite! Plus, we have two free printables of the quote for ya.

Something Old free Printable

First, let’s talk about the tradition… shall we? The saying was from 1883, it was an olde English rhyme. The tradition goes that brides should wear or carry with them these tokens of love or good luck on their big day. We all know the first part… but there’s an extra little bit you might not have heard…

Something Old Free Printable

A sixpence!? That’s often gets dropped off the saying- but hey, if you’re going for it! Here’s what they all represent:

Something Old: represents family, past, tradition and continuity

Something New: represents optimism for the future, and new life

Something Borrowed: represents borrowed happiness- this is traditionally something borrowed from another happy bride

Something Blue: represents purity, love, and fidelity

Sixpence in her Shoe: represents prosperity and wealth

Since the sixpence is the one element of the saying we will be skipping over in this series, here’s a bit more history on it. A sixpence is an antique coin that was use as common currency when the tradition began. Although they’re not being used today, you can still purchase them online or from some antique stores. We’re not big on following all rules to the letter though, so for good luck we think you could get away with a penny in your shoe. It’s soon to be vintage as well!

Hope you enjoy the printables- just click on the image to open the PDF of each. They should print off as a standard sheet. We’d love to get your input on this series- did you or someone you know rock this tradition at their wedding? What did you/they gather as your items? We’d love to hear!

8 Beautiful Ideas for your Something Blue

Something Blue. The last of the Something Series! If you missed the others you can check them all out here. The tradition suggests that luck be passed to brides who carry ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ along with them down the aisle. Today we’re bringing you 8 beautiful ways to incorporate something blue into your big day.

Something Blue- 8 beautiful ideas for your wedding day

ONE: This subtle bow tied inside the skirt of a wedding dress is such a lovely (and hidden!) something blue. We’re sure you’ve also seen this photo floating around pinterest- the bride had a piece of a relative’s shirt/tie sewn into a heart on the back of her dress. Adorable!
TWO: We love a gorgeous garter- this one is a dusky blue and would make the perfect something blue!
THREE: Ready to channel your inner Elvis? These blue suede shoes make a statement! You could go for a more subtle colour of blue shoes, or even just paint the bottoms of your shoes with a blue.
FOUR: Talk about a swoon-worthy bouquet! You might have thought that blue flowers couldn’t look neutral, but this bouquet screams otherwise. You could also add a blue ribbon or charm to a bouquet that matches your wedding colours.
FIVE: If you want to go a little wild for your something blue, why not wear it in your hair? This bride had her hair dresser put a small blue streak in her updo for her big day.
SIX: One of the easiest ways to bring in a something blue to your wedding is to wear it in your jewellery. Personally, I’d go for these lovely cushion cut earrings in an icy blue. They’re subtle enough that they won’t stand out, but they’re oh so classy!
SEVEN: Why not knock off all your somethings with one pin? This pin is for sale, but it would be a simple DIY as well! Pin it inside the skirt of your dress and show it off when requested.
EIGHT: We love the idea of a fun blue pedicure for your wedding day! If you don’t want to show off your something blue and are sporting close-toed pumps, this is the perfect way to keep your something blue under wraps, but easy to show off when someone asks where your blue is. If you want to show it off, open toe shoes would look lovely too, your blue would poke out as you walk down the aisle.

So let’s hear it… what’s your favourite? Mine has to be that bouquet… but that’s because I’m a sucker for flowers. I’m also a sucker for that garter and kind of wish they were a normal thing to wear because I might just buy it. Tell us… did you or do you plan on honouring this tradition on your wedding?

Something Borrowed- Go big… or Not.

Ideas for your Something Borrowed- and thoughts on incorporating tradition into your big day while staying true to you

We are back again today, knocking another ‘something’ off the list! You know the saying by now, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”- today’s ‘Something Borrowed’! If you’ve missed the first three from the series, we started our Something Series with an introduction to the tradition (what the heck is it for!?), then gave you 10 unique ideas for your Something Old, and our Favourite Five Ideas for your Something New. The tradition suggests good luck will be given to brides who wear or carry with them down the aisle these four things.

Today we’re giving you some of our favourite ideas for your something borrowed, but more importantly- we’re talking about how to incorporate tradition into your wedding while staying true to you. Here’s three routes to consider.

1. Start Small. I love tradition, and I especially love the sweet notion of carrying someone you care for with you on your big day BUT, that doesn’t mean it needs to be the focus. Maybe wearing your mom’s wedding dress just isn’t for you. Or maybe you want to carry your recently passed grandmother with you- but don’t want to be asked about it all night. Whatever your thought is- if you’re not keen on this tradition, or if you are but aren’t into making a spectacle (or answering the well-meaning questions), why not choose something small? How about a bracelet from your grandmother- even mix it in with some others as the bride in the cover image did. Wrap a piece of jewelry borrowed from your sister who couldn’t make it to your big day around your bouquet or maybe use a veil from one of your bridesmaid’s weddings. The point here is that you can incorporate tradition and/or pay respect to someone close to you without making a big deal about it. And if Grandma asks what your something borrowed is? You can choose to tell her- or not. It’s up to you!

Ideas for your something borrowed

2. Go Big. Maybe you do love tradition! Hey, after all- you are reading this on a vintage rental blog. Don’t be ashamed to go ‘overboard’ and dive all-in. Our favourite story? This bride had her mother’s wedding dress refashioned (how gorgeous does it look!) to wear on her big day. Does it scream that it’s borrowed? Nope, but she is decked out in that something borrowed. And we love it! How about a vintage getaway car borrowed from your uncle? Maybe your wedding ring itself is borrowed? That’s BIG! Another big borrowing even though it doesn’t look like it? Vows. Why not exchange the same vows of your parents? How sweet!

3. You’re a rule breaker and you want to do things differently. Like- not carry it with you- but set it on a table differently. Do that! We love the idea of displaying family photos, or even all your ‘somethings’ for guests to enjoy. It doesn’t really matter that tradition suggests you carry these tokens with you- take them as a suggestion and have your wedding- your way. After all, no one from ‘tradition’ will need to remember that day for the rest of their lives just you!

Alright, we’ll step down from our soapbox now. But really, we are all for tradition- but we truly believe the most important element of your wedding should be you. So let’s hear from you, are you a fan of tradition or do you like to make your own traditions? What are some of your favourite ideas for a ‘something borrowed’?