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Winter Tones: Perfect Palettes for a Winter Wedding

Winter Tones: Perfect Colour Palettes for a winter wedding

Last month we shared some of our favourite fall palettes and loved the response SO we thought we’d make it a seasonal staple here. Meet six of our favourite winter colour palettes! These wintery tones are the perfect way to coordinate your wedding with the season without going all ice blue or all Christmas red. We’d say that’s a win… wouldn’t you?

ONE: This one reminds me of winter berries and frost. I love the bold jewel tones paired with deep and dusky tones.


TWO: A classic snowy palette gets a bit of a warmer update. I love ice blue as much as the next girl, but you were probably expecting me to include it. Instead, this navy, taupe and muted teals palette brings in the winter blues that we love without bringing images of crystal, fake snow, and glitter to mind.

THREE: Our evergreen palette. I’m such a fan of greens no matter the season, but winter pretty much demands boughs… so why not make them your palette? Include a deep brown and neutral tan to ground it.

FOUR: Go bold! I love these deep wintery colours. Crimson with navy and blue remind me of a winter night sky.

FIVE: I’m such a fan of muted colours this time of year. Take any colours you love and give them a dose of dustiness to create a subtle palette that you can carry right through the winter.

SIX: This is my twist on the ‘Christmas Reds’ palette. A deep red, almost chocolate it’s so dark is brightened with a holiday red and smooth cream. I wouldn’t complain if you sprinkled some gold in there- just sayin’.

Evergreen Winter Wedding Inspiration

Did you catch the early nod to winter a couple weeks back? We’re crazy like that, and today I’m taking it one step further. I’m so taken with winter greens that I’m pulling together an entire winter inspiration board around them. And just so you know- it’s magical. Join me in this winter wonderland, won’t you?

Evergreen Winter Wedding Inspiration

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

ONE: Boughs and garlands- we’ll take them all, please and thank you. What a magical canopy for a winter wedding. These garlands would look fabulous as a backdrop, in an entry way, anywhere…. really.

TWO: A well dressed groom… *sigh* We’re in love with this vested look and simple winter forest inspired buttoner.

THREE: Whether or not we’re talking greenery… I’d be crazy not to include some seasonal florals! These blooms are in season in December and pair so well with evergreen touches.

FOUR: Would you believe me if I told you this icy looking beauty of a cake is from a summer event? No lie… but it really belongs at a winter wedding if you ask me.

FIVE: This bouquet… it’s dreamy! Could you even disagree with that? The frosted tones paired with the bold winter greens. It’s all kinds of winter wonderful.

SIX: Mini cupcakes with simple sprigs of pine- it couldn’t be more simple, but it sure packs a punch!

SEVEN: Give guests a tip off to the wintery scene they’ll be walking into with simple invitations adorned with evergreen illustrations.

EIGHT: We always go back to sprigs of greenery at each place setting- but it just works! No matter the theme, no matter the season. These winter greens are no exception.

NINE: This lush garland is all sorts of wonderful. The whole wedding is, really. We love that they mixed traditional greens in with some wintery options like pine for this table runner garland.

TEN: It’s a little bit boho, it’s a little bit elegant. Hanging sprigs of cedar with gold garlands makes for such a whimsical backdrop at this wedding.

ELEVEN: Isn’t this just magical? There’s something about snow covered pine trees that takes me to a winter wonderland of fairytale weddings.


It’s a big list today, right?! I just couldn’t stop. What’s your favourite? I’m all about that garland in number 9. And those sweet florals in number 3. Just give me flowers year round and I’ll be happy.

Icy Blue Wedding Inspiration

I know, I know- enough with the winter already, it hasn’t even begun. Okay- how about we call this one foggy blue wedding inspiration? Or even pastel blue wedding inspiration? That would make it suitable for spring even! It’s just as gorgeous no matter what you call it. I’ve always loved this ice blue colour, but have never been head over heels with all the crystal bedazzling that seems to come along with it. Today we’re rounding up some inspiration for a less ice princess more breathtaking icy blue wedding.

Icy Blue Wedding Inspiration

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

ONE: These invitations are so simple, calligraphy on fine paper, but the subtle colour and tie makes them stunners.

TWO: Someone has worked some mega cake-magic with this number here. The ruffles on the bottom, intricate detail on the layers and then… those florals! Perfection. Also, this whole shoot makes me want fog for every wedding ever.

THREE: Grey suit, icy blue bowtie? Yes please! And that cap is just adorable for a winter wedding. #justsaying

FOUR: Maybe you won’t take on a blue gown for your big day, but how about icy blue shoes? Get your something blue in there, feel like Elvis, and walk away with shoes this gorgeous? It’s win/win/win.

FIVE: I’m all about the icy blue in this mood board- but love the contrast the anemones bring! And the thistle? It’s just all floral good.

SIX: *Sigh* I know that this is a bridesmaid dress, but it’s so stunning, I’d take it for a wedding gown. The delicate details and soft colour make me all sorts of dreamy.

SEVEN: If you’re lucky enough to have a dazzling gem like this– why wouldn’t you base your whole wedding around it? Talk about a showpiece!

EIGHT: I love how this darker hue of ice blue anchors a white and bright tablescape for a winter wedding. It pairs so perfectly with the dark centres from the anemones.


What’s your fave from the mix? I’m in mad love with that dress. But that cake gets a vote from me too. I’d love to hear what you think of this palette or if you have any requests for future colour boards!