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Cobalt Wedding Inspiration

Every once in a while there’s a colour that is amazing… but it never seems to make it to weddings. And every once in a while, I like the challenge of finding beautiful inspiration to make that colour wedding friendly. Today that’s cobalt. It’s so vibrant and beautiful… but how often do you see it in weddings? Not enough, not enough. I especially love vintage cobalt glass, so I took a queue from that. Ready?

cobalt wedding inspiration- such a lovely rich blue!


ONE: Hydrangeas are the perfect pop of muted cobalt for a simple bouquet.

TWO: These satin pumps are the perfect something blue!

THREE: There’s that cobalt glass! All the heart eyes… am I right?

FOUR: You know we love a handsome groom! A bowtie and simple ribbon around a muted buttoner is the perfect way to add the vibrant colour to the mens wear.

FIVE: Finding a cake featuring cobalt that I liked… that was the hardest one for me to do! This one is simple, classic, and floral. And I like it a lot. But if anyone finds a watercolor cobalt cake? Well that would take the cake if you know what I mean.

SIX: I love the simple vintage look to these letterpress invitations. The little birds kind of remind me of Cinderella and the map? It could be straight from a storybook as well.

SEVEN: Hello pretty ladies! Cobalt can be super fancy in satin- but we love how laid back these flowy dresses are in this colour.


Tell me… what do you think of this bold colour for weddings? I’m totally smitten with those invites so I think it deserves a second thought!

DIY Heart Garland with Vintage Sheet Music

DIY Hearts Garland with Vintage Sheet Music

February is the month for hearts so before it’s officially over, I thought I’d sneak in one more heartful post! This DIY Hearts garland with Vintage Sheet Music is really simple to pull off but I love the charm it gives to a simple vintage set. This garland would be perfect for the couple that love music, play music, or even met at a concert. It’s one of those decor pieces that can tell a story without words.

DIY Hearts Garland with Vintage Sheet Music

To make your own, you’ll need:

  • A book of vintage sheet music
  • Heart punch, cutting machine, or scissors and patience
  • Sewing machine set with white thread

DIY Hearts Garland with Vintage Sheet Music

Before you get started, you’ll need to pick out your sheet music. Thrift and antique stores generally have these tucked away with books and post cards. I found this fun show boat collection at an antique store, but you could also get individual sheets (they generally are on thicker stock). If you aren’t having luck tracking down sheet music- or want a specific song on your garland, you can make your own. Just print the sheet music (easily found online) with a laser printer (so the ink doesn’t run), then age it using coffee and grounds on a baking sheet.

DIY Hearts Garland with Vintage Sheet Music

DIY Hearts Garland with Vintage Sheet Music

When you have your sheet music, it’s time to get cutting! We used a cutting machine (Cricut Explore), but a heart punch would have been just as easy. You could also cut your hearts by hand, but you’d need a Netflix marathon and glass of wine 😉 When your hearts are all cut, thread up your sewing machine and sew them together! Choose a longer straight stitch to speed things up and hold the heart that comes out of the foot to make sure the tension doesn’t pull them tight together.

DIY Hearts Garland with Vintage Sheet Music

DIY Hearts Garland with Vintage Sheet Music

DIY Hearts Garland with Vintage Sheet Music

That’s it! Tack it up on your wall, hang it from the ceiling (over a ceremony!?), or drape it down the aisle. There’s so many ways this sweet garland could make an appearance in a wedding, shower, or even your home- it’s just so sweet!

Feature Friday: Vintage Benches at Weddings

Every once in a while I realize that there’s a staple piece in our inventory I have NEVER talked about. And I have to fix it. That’s what’s happening for today’s Feature Friday… these vintage benches!! We love how they lend a casual appeal to a stunning wedding, how they look in photos (they let you snuggle up!), and how they look filled with florals or gifts. I mean, just look at all this inspiration!

vintage benches at weddings



Now, I was going to let the photos speak for themselves- but I just can’t keep my mouth shut! I have to tell you that that last photo (gorgeous!!) is of a sunrise wedding. SUNRISE. Amazing. I’ll let it rest now… what’s your fave? That beach wedding is a close second to the sunrise one for me!