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Well, hello Elizabeth

Lovely wing backed vintage chairs! So perfect for a wedding. Bespoke Decor Rentals Wedding and Events Vancouver BC

We are so excited to introduce you to a new feature we’ll be doing here on Bespoke Decor’s blog! Introducing you to our newest, greatest finds. We are constantly adding stock (like, daily) so there’s no way we can keep up with it all but when we find something we just can’t get enough of- it’s great to be able to share the excitement! We’ll show you our new images of the pieces (freshly cleaned up and ready to rent!) as well as suggest some ways you can use that piece in your event. Ready for the first?

Lovely wing backed vintage chairs! So perfect for a wedding. Bespoke Decor Rentals Wedding and Events Vancouver BC

Dear Elizabeth. The Elizabeth wing back chairs (there’s 2!) were such a score of a find when we were down in Portland. Look at those legs! They’re so beautifully detailed, which we love with a simple linen upholstery. For our stock images we paired these with our new marble table (soon to be added to online inventory!) but they’d look just as lovely sandwiching a vintage crate on end, as a signing chair, in a lounge setting, or mixed with seating at an outdoor reception. We simply can’t wait to see these wing back chairs in action! We’ll be sure to share photos of them in use when they go out (and go out, they will! Elizabeth is such a socialite).

Wedding Trend Spotting 2016

We’re halfway into wedding season (somehow!?) for 2016 and we’ve been challenged to share some wedding trends we’re spotting. We thought we’d take that one step further and not just share them, but for the next few weeks, roll out roundups six that we’ve been spotting! Since we’re part way through the season and seeing these in our consultations as well-we’re thinking they’ll be big next year too.

wedding trends 2016

We can’t wait to share all the beautiful inspiration images we’ve been gathering featuring these wedding trends. Before we share them all- have you spotted any wedding trends this year? We’d love to hear about them!

Thanks for the challenge Paperless Post! We love your wedding invites and are happy to hear you love us too 😉

Feature Friday: Vintage Globes at Weddings

There’s something so special about a vintage globe. It’s full of character, stories, and dreams- and it’s cute to boot. We love that they’ve made a comeback in decor and are popping up at gorgeous weddings around the world (pun!), and not just at the travel themed ones. Here’s a collection of inspiration to get you dreaming about these vintage  beauties for your next event.

we love vintage globes for wedding decor! They're not just for travel themed weddings anymore.


ONE:  Let’s start off with the most custom a globe can get. Why not have a globe hand lettered to commemorate your big day? It will make a beautiful keepsake in your home for years to come.

TWO: We’ve talked about this awesome guest book alternative before- post cards in a vintage suitcase. The globe is such a welcome addition to the display!

THREE: I’m a bit jealous that I didn’t attend this wedding and get one of these fabulous leather luggage tag favours! I mean, with favours like that- they pretty much HAD to track down a vintage globe or two for decor.

FOUR: This centrepiece is so simple… but isn’t it perfect! A couple vintage books make the globe the star.

FIVE: We love that this wedding took a globe and stuck it outside, on top of a few vintage suitcases, to greet guests before they entered the wedding. Why only decorate your tables?

SIX: This display has height! We love the globe stacked upon vintage books, surrounded by heaps of flowers and other vintage goodies. Go big or go home- right?

SEVEN: Aren’t we always looking for unique guest book ideas? This one is so much fun and would make a great display piece in your home afterwards.

EIGHT: Have we mentioned we love our in house calligrapher? She’s fantastic on any surface- why should a globe be any different? We’re totally inspired by this love quote.


We could keep on showing you more images with beautifully displayed globes, but Ill let you hit Pinterest 😉 I’d love to hear your favourite out of this collection! Mine is the one with the luggage tags. But I’m pretty smitten with those tags so maybe it’s not a fair race this time around.