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Trend Alert: Family Style Receptions

This is another trend that we’re completely smitten with. Family style reception dinners! We’re so over walking accross the dance floor to get a second helping, and we know that plated service can be costly PLUS, there’s something about breaking bread and sharing plates that makes for the best dinner conversation.

We LOVE family style reception dinners! No more buffets for me please!


ONE: This is one of our favourite shoots we’ve been a part of. The rich colours, casual elegance, and charm just made it the full package. We love using vintage silver for serving share plates.

TWO: Sharing food makes for such wonderful memories. Plus, it cuts down on food waste compared to other styles of service. If you don’t like potatoes, you just wont take them! And if someone beside you does, they aren’t staring at your plate wishing it wasn’t weird to ask to eat yours. And it’s not awkward to take an extra helping.

THREE: Long tables lend so well to family style service. Just pass the dishes down the line! Where tables this long my have been a challenge with guests getting up and down to head to the buffet, family service allows for a more intimate set up like this.

FOUR: Meals or share plates– it’s up to you! We love the idea of having appetizers on wood slabs to keep guests filled up as they visit the night away.

FIVE: Food can be beautiful too! Family service challenges us to be selective about what we have on the table. This can cut decor costs without cutting the style.


What do you think of this trend? I don’t just love it as a wedding professional, but a wedding goer- it’s one of my favourite ways to feast!

Skip the Colour Palette

I love a good colour palette, I’m sure you may have noticed. But lately I’m kind of taken with the couples that trash the fancy colour palettes and go for a collection of neutrals (black, white, and woodsy) with heaps of greenery and metallic touches.  I don’t even know how else to describe it, so let me just give you some visual inspiration.  Oh, and we’re extra in love with this all on the table. So this is a table-full collection, okay?

I'm loving these table settings full of neutrals with pops of metallic

Seriously, do I even need to say anything? It’s just SO good.

Left to right, top to bottom:

ONE: One of our own, one of our faves to date.

TWO: This is just so beautiful, I feel like I need to tell you that we got to be there in person. #nobigdeal

THREE: We’re such a sucker for brass candlesticks! Heaps of greens mean you don’t need to splurge on flowers.

FOUR: This is actually a dinner party. What a lucky bunch of guests!

FIVE: This one is so dark and moody, and what a fun touch using succulents.

SIX: Last but not least, I had to throw some tropical vibes in here. How lovely!

Which is your favourite? For once I’m actually stuck between all of them.

DIY Gilded Place Cards

DIY black and gold gilded place cards

‘Cause if you’re not really there
Then I don’t wanna be either
I wanna be next to you
Black and gold, black and gold, black and gold’

Every time I see black paired with gold details, this song runs through my head. Am I the only one? I’m actually kind of addicted to the Katy Perry re-make of it. But Adele rocks it too. Either way… the colour combo is dynamite. It instantly classes up any event. These simple place cards are SO affordable even though they look fantastic. And if you do the lettering yourself (we played around doing it ourselves), they are a bargain. Want to know the trick?

DIY black and gold gilded place cards

Liquid gold. Seriously… the stuff is literally liquid gold, we love it so much. All that you  need to do for this simple-tastic DIY is:

DIY black and gold gilded place cards

DIY black and gold gilded place cards

DIY black and gold gilded place cards

Cut some black cardstock (you can get packs from Michaels) into place card size. You could even cut and fold tented place cards if you’d prefer. Next, dip your brush in the liquid gold and working from a corner or end, brush it towards the centre, until you have a random brush stroke pattern you’re happy with.  When it’s dry, bring them to your calligrapher or get busy lettering your own place cards.

DIY black and gold gilded place cards

DIY black and gold gilded place cards

DIY black and gold gilded place cards

Didn’t I tell you… simple! They’re so simple, I’m tempted to make them for every dinner party I host in the future. Because I’m classy like that 😉