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DIY Crates full of flowers

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

So you want to fill a crate with flowers- and you don’t want to pay someone to do it for you. You want it to look heaping and full of flowers- and you don’t want it to cost a fortune. How hard can it be? Not that hard with our one tip that will help the crate look fuller with less blooms. Can you guess what it is?

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

Yep- mason jars. Or if it’s a taller crate, vases. Here’s why. If you just filled the crate with flowers that would be A LOT of flowers to fill the thing. But when you add mason jars, not only is it easier to water your pretty blooms, but it gives them something to lean against that is smaller than the edges of the crate. Take a vase with a wide opening. It takes a lot of flowers to fill that sucker. But if that vase has a flare at the top (meaning the top is just as big, but there’s a smaller neck), less flowers are necessary to make the bouquet look just as full. Does this make sense? Think of the mason gars as the ‘smaller neck’.

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

So to fill a crate this size, by using mason jars, you only need to use about half of the blooms as you would without. And that’s a promise. 😉 And you can even space the mason jars out a bit so you use less… it won’t even look like there’s less flowers. So snip some blooms from your garden or order from your florist and get arranging! Use longer stems at the ends to help them spill over and cut them shorter in the middle. Fluff as necessary and always use greens (leave some leaves on the stems) to help fill it out.

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

Ta-Da! That’s a simple one for your Saturday.

Eucalyptus- Dreamy greens as wedding decor

After styling last week’s DIY with that sweet little floral arrangement featuring eucalyptus- I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. I love the muted colour of the green and the lovely fragrance. It’s so on-trend right now, I thought it was the perfect time to gather some inspiration for a eucalyptus kissed wedding. Ready for it?

eucalyptus at weddings- such dreamy greens for weddings!


ONE: We are all for floral crowns… and now that we’ve spotted this- for greenery crowns. And even better… layered over a lovely veil!

TWO: *Swoon* This eucalyptus studded bouquet is out of a dream it’s so perfect! Big white blooms and soft greens.

THREE: Make a statement for your ceremony entry by tying back sheer white curtains with seeded eucalyptus.

FOUR: Okay, so this is actually olive tree leaves… but it looks a lot like seeded eucalyptus leaves and I can’t think of a better smelling toss idea than eucalyptus. And pretty.

FIVE: I’m in love, love with this table runner! Just pile eucalyptus around some candlesticks and you’ve got a dreamy tablescape.

SIX: If you can’t have it everywhere, why not choose your seats for the night to smell of fresh eucalyptus? Plus, it looks so elegant draped across the back of folding chairs.

SEVEN: This silver dollar eucalyptus pairs so perfectly with baby’s breath and rustic wood. Did we mention calligraphy? It’s all together perfect.

EIGHT: Greenery with flowers is perfect, but greenery with greenery? Well, this arrangement makes it look incredible! We love this solo pillar with footed arrangement to dress up an empty space.

NINE: This seeded eucalyptus garland is actually a DIY tutorial… so you can do it yourself… isn’t it dreamy? Since you can do it yourself, you should probably make one for every surface you’ve got 😉


Tell me… what’s your favourite? I’m still swooning over that bouquet! But also… I’m dreaming of tossing bags of eucalyptus leaves.

We love tulips at weddings

Tulips are THE spring flower. When you think of spring you think of tulips, don’t you? They’ve been popping up more and more in weddings and frankly, we’re loving it. Take a look at some of the ways we love to see them below and let us know… which is your favourite?

we love tulips at weddings


ONE: White tulips are so versatile and they look fabulous blocked in sections for centrepiece arrangements. This one has some parrot tulips mixed in for swoonworthy texture.

TWO:  I’m in love with this simple twine and tulips display! This looks lovely over a dessert table, but I’d love to see it as a suspended ceremony backdrop as well!

THREE: So. much. texture. in this dead simple centrepiece arrangement. I want one for my home, now and everyday.

FOUR: White tulips for the win… again! Wouldn’t these little white tulips taped to kraft make the most perfect escort cards? Yes. The answer is yes.

FIVE: A simple but stunning buttoner like this tulip and bud number is always a solid choice.

SIX: Everything about this invitation is lovely, including the illustrated tulips. What is more fitting for a spring wedding than a botanical themed invitation?

SEVEN: Bold Black and whites make this tablescape stunning… but the hanging tulips totally steal the show. We would love to see these over a couple saying ‘I do’.

EIGHT: You know we couldn’t let this roundup go without a healthy dose of colour! We love how similar coloured blooms are separated to make a simple but glam centrepiece.


Now for the fun part, what’s your favourite? I’m dying over that simple blush centrepiece with cut glass vase. But also… the twine and tulips are pretty darling for spring as well!