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Feature Friday: Vintage Picnic Baskets

Vintage Picnic Baskets for Wedding Decor

You know what we haven’t talked about here, and really really should? Vintage picnic baskets. They have all kinds of charm with a low-key, intimate feel and they’re so often forgotten about. We have a bunch (because really, how could we say no to them calling our name) that haven’t gotten nearly the screen time as all our crates or suitcases. Well, it’s time my friends. Just look at this gorgeous photo from Em the Gem... it’s chic, intimate and crazy classy. So you see how wonderful they are but don’t know how to use them for yourself? Here’s some of our favourite ideas:

ONE: For a picnic photo shoot. Scrap the awkward engagement/ family/ newborn photos and kick back with some treats. How can you not smile on a picnic? Your photographer will thank you for relaxing.

TWO: Stacked like the photo above to create a sweet sitting area at your wedding. You could even skip the chairs and just have blankets spread with baskets full of snacks to keep guests happy between the ceremony and reception.

THREE: Filled with favours, dancing sandals, programs, blankets to keep warm, or anything else you want to hand out to guests. Everything looks cuter in a picnic basket.

FOUR: To collect cards.

FIVE: Maybe my favourite- fill one or two with picnic goodies to enjoy with your wedding party after the ceremony. Everyone needs a little snack before smiling for all those photos! Plus, when your snacks look this good… your photographer can snap some candids as you enjoy.

So tell us- do you love the vintage picnic basket as much as we do? How would you use them?

Crushing on Sunny Yellow Weddings

I feel like we’ve had a peek of summer, but it’s broken up by such dreary days. It’s making me yearn for some solid sunshine and look forward to the summer even more than I was (is that possible?). To cheer on the sunshine, I thought I’d pull together some inspiration for a sunny yellow wedding- full of bright yellows and golden sun. Yellow can be such an ‘in your face’ colour, but done right it’s so happy!

Sunny Weddings- I love yellow weddings!

ONE: This invitation is so cheery! I love the golden florals and the ‘Oh Happy Day’ banner. Because what wedding that’s channelling sunshine wouldn’t be a very, very happy day?

TWO: There’s something about a groom in a grey suit. Add a yellow buttoner? Dynamite combination! These mini daisies are adorable too.

THREE: These sweet little favours of fresh honey are adorable! I love the subtle splash of golden colour. Plus, think of all the cute puns you could use, “So sweet of you to come”, “Love is sweet”… it goes on and on!

FOUR: Colin Cowie can pretty much do no wrong. I love how he added little blooms to silverware wraps to add a punch of colour to an otherwise standard buffet. I’m pretty sure (after squinting at the screen for too long) that these area actually fake florals, so you could tie them up ahead of time for an easy set up!

FIVE: I’m pretty smitten with this bouquet. I have always loved flowers, but since we added an in house florist to our team, I have access and could look at them all day long. Adding seeded eucalyptus to any bouquet can make it pretty dreamy (but that’s just my opinion!).

SIX: So I had to look a little bit harder than I expected to find a really classy yellow wedding cake. Does that surprise you? There were lots of very bright yellow cakes, but this one with golden blooms was calling my name!

SEVEN: You already know how we feel about hanging decor (spoiler: we love it!), and these bottles full of blooms strung from a tree? Lovely! I’d love to see vintage soda bottles used for this!

EIGHT: Remember this one? It’s from our very own ‘Kids at Weddings’ styled shoot. This is still one of my very favourite shoots I’ve participated in to date (my sweet niece is one of the models!) and this lemonade stand couldn’t be any sunnier.


Alright, friends… what’s your favourite? Is it lame of me to say my own lemonade stand photo is my fave? Yeah, alright I guess if you twist my arm I can tell you how much I love that bouquet again! Let’s hear yours in the comments!

Trend Alert: Snack Bars

The first time I saw a midnight snack at a wedding, I was floored- this was the best. thing. ever. That was years and years ago now, and that little sandwich station has been pushed aside in my dreams for some magnificent alternatives. I would be thrilled to see any of these snack stations at a wedding I was attending. I can see the candy bar losing popularity next to these babies!

Snack Bars at weddings... love this idea!

ONE: A pie bar, seriously! I’m not sure that my sweet tooth could get any happier than this! Plus it’s completely darling and you would get to use every cute cake stand you could get your hands on.

TWO: A cookies and milk station was the second midnight snack I experienced at weddings. It was amazing and I think every wedding needs one. But I’m not sure that it could get any classier than this station with milk shooters! Plus, I don’t know that anyone could turn down an Oreo.

THREE: These fruit cones are a great summer wedding snack. I love the idea of them as a sweet treat between ceremony and reception for guests as they mill about an outdoor location.

FOUR: This trail mix bar doubles as favours for a small gathering. Guests pick out a mason jar with a sweet thank you note and fill to their hearts content (mine would be mostly smarties… don’t judge me 😉

FIVE: I love a good bag of popcorn! This station features baskets and baskets of popcorn with seasonings of your choice. I’d add in some sweet fixins’ but that you know how I feel about smarties!

SIX: Mini food is the cutest food… isn’t it? These mini grilled cheese sandwiches paired with tomato soup shots would make the perfect snack to tide guests over at cocktail hour or to give them some hearty nibbles after a night of drinks and dancing.

SEVEN: Set those grilled cheese sandwiches next to this tower of mini burgers and fry cones? You’d have some very happy wedding guests! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such classy burgers!

EIGHT: I love my ice cream, and I’m sure I’m not alone! Why not treat guests to the perfect sundae- crafted by them with all the toppings they could dream up? This sundae bar has it all!

NINE: This chips and salsas buffet is from a Fiesta, but who wouldn’t love a refreshing snack like this after a hot outdoor wedding? Or a night of dancing?


I’m going to sign off now and go grab myself a snack! If I could choose any of these snack bars to raid, at the moment I’d have to choose the mini grilled cheese and tomato soups. But hey, I wouldn’t complain about any of them! What’s your favourite? And have you ever been treated to a wedding snack bar? Tell us about it in the comments!