Position:Lead Designer

Rate of Pay: $18/hour

Work Schedule: The hours themselves are flexible – but will largely be determined by event dates and deadlines. You’ll be expected to spend most time in the Bespoke office during office hours, and be onsite during weekends and evenings as required. 


The position of designer is a very hands on, creative and often demanding role. You will be meeting with clients (ranging from weddings to large corporations) to hear their plans, goals and expectations and turn that into a custom design for their event or display. 

You will be required to regularly meet with clients, create design plans from scratch, organize an event timeline and schedule, lead a small team, and problem solve on the fly.

Experience in the event or interior design world is an asset and will be a large factor in the hiring decision.

The Duties Required:

  • Meeting clients at Bespoke Decor and various locations for site visits, planning meetings, finalization meetings, etc.
  • Handling and organizing full design plans for weddings, events, corporate displays, etc. 
  • Managing emails and phone calls 
  • Work on site for the duration of event days or activations 
  • Efficiently communicate with clients and vendors as required.
  • Efficiently communicating with entire Bespoke Decor staff for deadlines (ex: custom builds, calligraphy, etc)
  • Operating as a decor assistant to other leads when needed
  • Administration work as required
  • Projects as assigned

The Must-Have Qualifications:

  • Experience in the event and interior design world
  • Legendary customer service skills
  • Extremely organized (like seriously, seriously organized)
  • Punctual & reliable
  • Must be able to think on the spot and problem solve under pressure
  • Flexible & adaptable to change
  • Ability to self start and work independently
  • Ability to positively lead a small team
  • Ability to lift at least 50 pounds (#muscles)


  • Must have reliable transportation to travel between Hope & Whistler
  • Must be available to work weekends & late nights as needed
  • Experience in the events industry is an asset 
  • Experience with corporate clients is an asset

How to apply:

Please send a quick video to the Bespoke Decor owner, Ashton via email ashton@bespokedecor.ca to introduce yourself, say hey and let us know why you’re interested in this role and why you’d be a great fit at Bespoke. 

Don’t stress about the video – it doesn’t have to be high quality or super original! Seeing you and your personality is the goal. 

No phone calls or drop-ins please. Only shortlisted candidates will be called.