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How does the rental process work?

We’re glad you asked! It’s pretty easy, peasy. Start by cruising through our online collection and choosing the pieces that make your heart flutter. Then send us your completed wishlist or tell us your grand party plan so we can make some recommendations. If you’re planning a larger event, you’ll get a VIP invite to come and explore our collection in person. We just ask for a 50% deposit to lock in your date and the rest is due one month prior to your event.

Can I pick up the pieces?

You bet! Well, most of them so long as you have a suitable vehicle (ex: unicycles… not great! Although, probably entertaining). Some of our items are delicate; in which case, we’ll deliver them to you with extra care & attention.

What if you don’t have what I’m looking for?

Keep us in the loop! Let us know what you’re hunting and we’ll try to find it! (As if we need an excuse to go on a treasure hunt!)

Can I rent long term?

Of course! I think we make a cute couple. Call us for a quote!

I’ve fallen in love with an item at bespoke. Is it for sale? Pretty please?

Typically, yes! We like to keep things fresh over here so our collection is always changing. Besides, we’d hate to keep a vintage treasure from its forever home. Tell us what item you’re pining after and let’s see if we can make it yours for keeps!

What time can I pick up/drop off my rentals?

The warehouse is open every Monday, Thursday and Friday from 1-5pm for pick up and drop off. If that doesn’t work for you, let us know. Everybody has a different schedule, and we get that.

What time are the rentals due back?

Unless otherwise noted, you get your rentals for 3 days. If you need to extend, let us know. We’re pretty flex in case you haven’t noticed.

Is there a rental minimum?

Yup, it’s $300 worth of vintagey goodness.

What is the cancellation policy on rentals?

We hate breaking hearts telling you the item you love is unavailable – only to have it later be cancelled and sitting sad, lonely and unused when it could have been partying at your event instead.
To avoid unnecessary heartbreak and sadness, here’s what we decided:

  • Cancellations 8+ months prior to the event: no cancellation fee and you get your deposit back.
  • Cancellations within 8 months of your event: you lose your deposit.
  • Cancellations within 1 month of your event: no refund and entire invoice must be paid in full.
I’m feeling a little overwhelmed…

Take a deep breath–we got this! During our decor huddle, we’ll tap into what makes you happy and start building your personal style file. We encourage you to show us all the stuff that you love: sentimental treasures, photos, magazine cut outs, pinterest boards or scribbles on a napkin (coffee stains are a-OK). Once we’ve pulled all the pretty together, we’ll send you the decor plan (or we can surprise you) and you can start counting down sleeps till the day of the big reveal!

Tell me, what makes Bespoke Decor rentals so special?

Well the beauty of Bespoke is that we’re the only company specializing in vintage decor rentals, made-to-order stationery, fresh blooms and full decor styling for seriously swoon-worthy events. We’re going to be so in sync, it will almost be weird. BUT that means your unique style is carried across each aspect of the event – from the florals, to the invites, to the decor. We’re an infectiously fun and uber creative bunch over here at Bespoke. We’re super good at just knowing what to do and making sure everything goes to plan so you can relax. You’ll have a blast working with us from start to finish!

What kind of events do you style?

Any one we can get our hands on! Our only rule, is that you have to let us make it seriously awesome. We style baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties, themed parties, photo shoots, anniversaries, film shoots, kids parties, window displays, trade show booths, corporate events, and of course weddings–big and small! Check out all the cool stuff we do.

Don’t see your question here? You know what to do. (Contact us!)