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Feature Friday: Vintage Bicycles

What type of motor lacking transport is so charming and chic that it can play centre stage at a wedding? Nope, not the roller blades or skateboard. We’re talking vintage bicycles. And is there any reason we shouldn’t be? They’re SO much fun and crazy adorable. Let’s look at some inspiration to get you dreaming of cycling away to your dream wedding.

we love vintage bikes at weddings

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

ONE: If you love florals and vintage and charm… check out this whole wedding, really. I wanted to save every photo from it to use in round ups for the future here on Bespoke because there are so many perfect ideas! This bike filled with florals made it’s way from ceremony to reception (talk about easy to move around!), making it twice as loved.

TWO: Vintage bikes as signage? You know it! We especially love these arrows, but that could be because they’re one of the most used pieces in our inventory 😉

THREE: Vintage bicycles make for amazing wedding photos. Period.

FOUR: Can I convince you to go check out this whole wedding? I know this little vignette looks simple- bike basket for cards, little takeaways for guests in the crate… but it’s one of the most charming weddings I’ve ever seen. Hands down.

FIVE: This bike is fitted with a bright vintage crate and bold florals to match. Really, could it get any more fun?

SIX: Are you dreaming of cycling away from your dream wedding yet? The tin cans and signs are so adorable on this couple’s… if you do, you should definitely steal this idea!

SEVEN: The balloon on this bike just makes it so cheeky! The classic basket full of florals and handmade pennant welcome sign is in classic country territory… until you add that peachy balloon and, well… we like it a lot.


Can you even pick a favourite? I would have to say that the entire wedding from number four gets my love and affection but if we’re just talking the images here? Numero Uno. How could I not with those blooms spilling all over the place! #dreamy

Feature Friday: Wood Logs

Wood Logs? Yep, we’re dedicating a whole Friday to them. But why, you say? They’re rustic, full of charm, and ground any decor (I’m looking at you bling and crystals). They add height, unexpected vignettes, and did we mention they’re right on trend? Let’s take a look.

I never thought I would love wood logs as wedding decor so much... lots of great ideas here

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

ONE: Well, my goodness. It didn’t take long to get inspired did it? This vignette is so simple, but what an impact it makes! There is nothing extravagant here, but it sure feels luxe.

TWO: We’ve talked about wood rounds here on the blog before, but it goes to mention that they totally work with logs… pair them as a centrepiece and carry the theme along with logs as decor at your wedding. We really love that this centrepieces uses the smaller chunks of birch mixed in there as well.

THREE: Oh, birch. There’s something so dreamy about it. I really love cakes displayed on wood slices, or tall logs- But this hunk of birch might take the cake 😉

FOUR: I need to find an invite to this event. Anyone? Set in the middle of an orchard, wood logs make simply elegant seating for a brunch celebration. But really, logs for seating are just as fitting in an industrial chic setting or local restaurant.

FIVE: Groupings of wood logs and candles in jars make a simple but oh-so-elegant vignette as guests seat waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle.

SIX: Large logs or stumps are the perfect little tables for picnic cocktail hours or receptions like this bacon and eggs brunch wedding. I love the stumps that have been stripped of their bark for a less rustic look.

SEVEN: Remember how I said logs can warm up bling? I wasn’t lying! This whole set up is wonderfully extravagant and it works so well with the woodsy elements, gold touches, and all that bling!

EIGHT: Last but not least, go big or go home! This wedding fills mason jars with baby’s breath atop small wood logs next to every seat lining the aisle. Every. Single. Seat.


Spill, are you on board with this trend or do you think logs should stay in the firewood pile? And what’s your favourite from the inspiration? Can you guess that I went and made mine the largest again? Shame on me 😉

Feature Friday: Vintage Scales

Some pieces have so much charm wrapped up in themselves that they really don’t need to be paired with anything fancy. That’s how I feel about vintage weigh scales. I mean, I’ve managed to start collecting them without realizing and if I see more- you can bet they’ll be coming back with me to the warehouse. They add height to any table display, interest to any centrepiece, and give a unique platform to display favours, snacks, and florals. ‘Nuff said? How about some eye candy!

Vintage scales as wedding decor

Left to right / Top to Bottom:

ONE: This whole fall wedding shoot is so much fun, I love the rich colours. A weigh scale is the perfect way to show off some of your favours (especially when they come from the kitchen like this sweet apple butter!) and decorate the favour table without adding clutter.

TWO: Oh, vintage books. They’ve done it again in this shabby vintage centrepiece. Do I really need to say any more about this? Books and a scale. Period.

THREE: It really could not get any simpler than this. I’m a sucker for a mint green scale and this little number with tiny monogram letters? It’s personal and basic in all the right ways.

FOUR: Again with the simple… but it makes such a statement! This table features four vintage weigh scales– one with fresh fruit. Sure, you could keep adding things… but why when it’s this cute?

FIVE: These deep fall florals and quail feathers are a dynamite combination. I really need those succulents in my life… but I’ll digress and let you know that florals were made for weigh scales. If you’re looking for a classic vase alternative? Yep, these fit the bill.

SIX: Isn’t this the classic vintage centrepiece I get asked for all the time? Oh yes, yes it is! A weigh scale adds a fun twist to the popular bottles and jars filled with blooms.


Alright… let’s talk favourites? I’m  probably not going to surprise you… I mean, I did make it the largest of all the photos- but there’s something simply perfect about the apple butter on that scale. It really fits the theme (I love food favours!) and doesn’t add anything it doesn’t need to, trying to be extra pretty. What’s your fave? Let us know in the comments!