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Bespoke Decor Warehouse Sale x Pop Up Market

Start the carrrrrrr!!!!! It’s time for the Bespoke warehouse sale!!

Planning for our 3rd annual warehouse sale is in full swing! And in addition to some sweet deals on our inventory, we are adding a pop up market with local vendors, a photobooth with Lucky Booth & delicious scoops served by Earnest Ice Cream.

We have a long list of Bespoke inventory to clear out ranging from big furniture items, backdrops, chalkboards to smaller table top items & more!! The event will be running from 11-2pm so arrive early and bring cash! Some vendors may accept card but it is best to bring cash just incase.

Our vendors include:

Earnest Ice Cream

Floralista – This booth will be a bring your own pot sale! You bring a pot, pick a plant and the Floralista team will plant it for you!

Sweet Treats by Alicia

100 Ways Vintage Jewelry

lavender & lillie handmade (Hand-sewn clothes & accessories)

Watson Goods co. (Macrame & Prints)

Homecoming (Candles)

Grain+Grit: Wood & concrete designs (Planters)

Toasty Pooch (Pet beds)

Hoop & Bloom (Dried Floral Hoops)

Folk Fortune (Vintage Clothing)

Uniform (Handmade Linen Clothing)

John Addison Organic (Organic beauty products + essential oils)

We will also have pre-made bridesmaid & groomsmen gift boxes that are thoughtfully curated by the Bespoke team, with options for custom calligraphy & wrapping.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there and can’t wait to see what items you choose!

Let us know if you have any questions – and spread the word!

See you soon,

Valentine’s Free Downloadable Phone Wallpaper

Happy Valentine’s day, everyone!

However you’re celebrating it with your gals, pals or loved one we hope you all have an amazing day! We’ve had lot’s of interest in our photos we printed for our Palentine’s styled shoot so we thought what a perfect day to put them up as downloadable wallpapers for your phone!

Click below on each photo to save:

Peach Phone Wallpaper


Candy Hearts Wallpaper


Hi Again Phone Wallpaper


Love, Team Bespoke

Palentine’s Confetti Placemat DIY

Monday’s can always use a little more confetti right? All of us at Bespoke LOVE how fun confetti is but are not so happy when we’re still finding it three weeks later (Who’s with us??). We saw a beautiful table set up on Pinterest with confetti place mats and decided to make our own! In a few simple steps you’ll be able to enjoy the amazingness that is confetti and not have to worry about it getting everywhere!

What does Palentine’s mean? If you don’t have a valentine, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this lovely occasion get together with your pals and do something fun! As you all know February 14th is right around the corner and what better excuse to pull your favourites together and create this quick & easy last minute DIY. Such a fun way to elevate a tablescape for holidays (or everyday, if you’re like us). Check out all the details below.

A bohemian inspired Valentines/Palentines tablescape

Supplies needed: 

We made 3 place mats with the following supplies. (You’ll need to adjust the quantities depending on the number of placemats you plan on making)

  • 1 meter of 6 gauge vinyl (this made us three 13″x18″ place mats)
  • Sewing machine & white thread
  • Teflon presser foot
  • Confetti and or glitter
  • Scissors
Supplies needed to make the placemats

The process is really straight forward and you’ll be able to make these in a few simple steps. First, cut your vinyl into a placemat size (about 13″ by 18″). You will need two pieces for each placemat.

Hot tip: Cut one piece and then use the paper liner as the template, the process goes much faster.

Step 1: cut out your vinyl

After you’ve cut out your vinyl place them together without the liner.Then place your teflon presser foot on your sewing machine and sew the two pieces of vinyl together around the outer edge while leaving a gap about the size of the presser foot on one side.

Step two: Sew vinyl together, leaving one side open.

Once sewn, add confetti to the opening between the two layers of vinyl and then finish stitching the placemat closed. You’ll find that you will probably want to take a few Boomerangs at this point! It’s so fun.

Step three: fill with confetti or glitter into the open side of the place mat. Use a little more than you think you’ll need to get that fullness and sparkly effect.


Step Four: Sew the remaining opening and trim all excess threads.

And there you have it, quick and easy! If you make these please feel free to tag #bespokedecorDIYs so we can see what you create!

The finished product.
Detail Shot
Detail Shot
Tablescape Detail Shot
The Perfect Pals for Palentine’s

If you have any questions or are just in LOVE with these, leave us a reply below!

DIY Monogrammed Ring Box

DIY Monogrammed Ring Box- I love the natural wood look with the burned Initial! So simple and classy

Today we’re bringing a simple but elegant DIY your way. This DIY Monogrammed Ring Box is so simple, the aesthetic could fit almost any decor theme. We love the clean round shape with no latches (just a hidden magnet!) of these boxes that are the perfect size to be carried down the aisle in little ones’ hands. If you’re looking to do something a little different than a traditional ring pillow… maybe this is your answer! We chose to do a simple one letter monogram inside two clean circles, but you could totally choose to dress it up with some flourishes and garnishes. The sky is the limit!

DIY Monogrammed Ring Box- I love the natural wood look with the burned Initial! So simple and classy

If you’ve never tried wood burning, it can seem a bit intimidating. I mean, the thing is hot enough to burn wood, right? But we dare you to try it out! It’s actually so simple. Think of it like writing with a hot pen. A very hot pen, but just a pen. The entire handle is cool, you just need to keep your little fingers away from the hot end (just like a glue gun). And is that really so scary?

We picked up this box from Michaels, theres so many different shapes and sizes to choose from. The first thing you’ll want to do is decide on your design. Sketch it out or print out a stencil to transfer to your box. Put on your round pointed tip for your wood burner and let it warm up while you’re doing this.

DIY Monogrammed Ring Box- I love the natural wood look with the burned Initial! So simple and classy

DIY Monogrammed Ring Box- I love the natural wood look with the burned Initial! So simple and classy

We used a candle to trace around to get the circle shape. I don’t know about you but drawing a perfect circle isn’t my strength! We added a second circle inside that one before working on the ‘A’. To do a faux calligraphy letter, draw it as you normally would then add thickness to the ‘down’ strokes. That means any time your pen would be travelling towards the baseline, you should be making that stroke thicker.

DIY Monogrammed Ring Box- I love the natural wood look with the burned Initial! So simple and classy

DIY Monogrammed Ring Box- I love the natural wood look with the burned Initial! So simple and classy

You could even add in a date on the bottom as a memento.

There you have it! Easy as pie! We used some white linen to fill the box, but you could choose any material that matches your colours. What do you think of the simple raw wood look? We cant help but picture it at a winter wedding full of fresh holiday greens! But maybe that’s just the season.

DIY Monogrammed Ring Box- I love the natural wood look with the burned Initial! So simple and classy

If you follow this DIY we would LOVE to see photos!

Hi There, Reynolds

A beautifully luxe vintage armchair ready for any lounge area, wedding signing table, or holiday vignette

Welcome to month two of our ‘New and Wonderful’ series where we share some of our fresh inventory that is all ready to join you at your event. We have new inventory joining us all. the. time. So we’re really just featuring something we especially love each month. And for the second month in the row… it’s a stunning arm chair! There’s something about classic upholstery and luxe fabrics that get us every time.

Meet Reynolds. Isn’t he charming? We especially love him headed into the holiday season. Did you spot our wreaths post last week? He’d look stunning paired with one IMHO. I think we may need to do a round up of our favourite ways to use upholstered arm chairs because there are SO many fabulous ways to make use of them in events… here’s a few of our faves: a signing table chair, a welcome vignette, a photo prop, in your getting ready room and photos, at the head table, in a comfy lounge area, in a man lounge (that’s a thing, really)… and honestly ANYWHERE you need a chair or some decor to spice up a corner. They’re so darn versatile and beautiful.

Tell us, where have you spied upholstered armchairs being used in weddings, events, and decor? We always love some new inspiration, link it up in the comments!

We Love Holiday Wreaths at Weddings

Every year we do this, Halloween passes and the holidays flood all of our inspiration feeds and we just. can’t. get. enough. Anyone with us? We’re loving it! One of the things we’ve spied and are loving the most? Holiday wreaths at weddings. Simple greenery, simple shape, big statement. If you’re headed towards a winter wedding, would you consider adding wreaths to your decor? Here’s a few ways you could consider (we think might sway you to a ‘yes!’).

I LOVE holiday wreaths at weddings! They're so classic and the perfect way to bring a holiday vibe without red

Left to right / Top to bottom

ONE: How cute is this pooch! We’ve been spying wreaths on pets in weddings for a while, but are loving the wintery take on the trend.

TWO: This one might be one of my favourite uses (which is why it’s in here twice!), wreaths on the back of the bride and groom’s chair. We especially love the lettered signs topping these ones off!

THREE: We had to include this one because of that sweet banner! You could have anything lettered on that baby and it would look incredible. Merry Christmas? Thank you? Just Married? Forever begins here? Whatever you choose, it’s a win guaranteed.

FOUR: As promised, wreaths on chairs 2.0. But really, isn’t this the perfect use for them?!

FIVE: Did we mention that they make a gorgeous photo prop? Hold one of these babies and you’ve completed your holiday card photo!

SIX: This wedding is stunning top to bottom. We love that they decorated the heritage church with classic holiday wreaths– so simple but striking between those gorgeous windows!

SEVEN: We know you’ve loved floral crowns, but how about a pine crown? Embrace the season! This one is a DIY and it’s SO lovely.

EIGHT: This whole wedding (actually the same as numero 2) just oozes cozy winter goodness. We love that she opted for a fur shrug and sleeves- way to embrace the season!

NINE: Okay, okay. So this shot is actually from a spring wedding… but it was drop dead gorgeous so we couldn’t omit it. Is this wild wreath collection above the settee stunning!? I want one in my home now. It’s all kinds of wonderful.


Tell us, what’s your fave? I’m still drooling over number nine. It is happening around here, I swear.

Light ’em Up! Sparkler send off printables

Light em up- sparklers printable-1610284

Some of my favourite photos around Pinterest are of sparkler send offs at weddings. They’re just SO much fun and magical to be a part of. I mean… look at how great this is?!

Light em up- sparklers printable-1610284

Photo via 100 Layer Cake

Today we want to share a simple printable to make a sparkler send off easy and to dress up the actual sparklers you give out to guests (and to let them know what they’re for!). We made it a simple grey so you can match it to almost any wedding decor (and by this time, it’ll be dark anyways).

Light em up! I love these free printables for a sparkler send off, such a fun wedding tradition!

Light em up! I love these free printables for a sparkler send off, such a fun wedding tradition!

Just download these printables RIGHT HERE. They print out three to a page, and we recommend cardstock. You can see ours has some print lines SO we also recommend getting them printed at a copy shop for laser quality. Cut them out- we’d also recommend a paper cutter, especially if you’re doing enough for every guest! This little guy only cost about $12 and works like a charm.

Light em up! I love these free printables for a sparkler send off, such a fun wedding tradition!

Then, tape on your sparklers! We love this gold foil tape and it sticks even better than washi tape. We just picked it up from the craft store.

Light em up! I love these free printables for a sparkler send off, such a fun wedding tradition!

Light em up! I love these free printables for a sparkler send off, such a fun wedding tradition!

Ta-da! Instant sparkler send off.