Now Hiring! Full Time Warehouse & Delivery Manager




Position: Full Time Warehouse & Delivery Manager

Rate of Pay: $21.00/hour daytime (6AM – 10PM) and $31.50/hour nighttime (10:01PM-5:59AM) and/or overtime.

Who we are

Bespoke Decor is a growing design and rental company based in Vancouver. Our inventory of vintage furniture and decor set us apart, but it’s grown to carry an eclectic mix of vintage, modern and custom pieces. Summer weddings are the biggest part of our business, but we rent for events, movies and store displays year round. The summer months are our busiest time of year for rentals and deliveries, so we use the quieter season to repair and refresh our inventory and reorganize and reassess for the next year.

We are a small but mighty team taking on over 400 events annually.

We give a damn about our clients and work hard to provide great service, beautiful items and an unforgettable experience.

Why this is a sweet gig

Have you ever wanted to build a folding bar? Strong opinions on table leg design? Do you enjoy the Tetris like challenge of a well packed and very full truck? How about detailed routing to hit six events before noon?

We are looking for a kick-ass co-worker to take full control of our deliveries, warehouse organization (including a big move and expansion planned for the near future) and project work. That means doing deliveries and retrievals, organizing the warehouse, repairing inventory, custom builds (we get pretty creative – last year we built a donut wall, an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole and a massive version of connect four).

We want you to find a home here. Come into the position and make it your own! You will be trusted, highly valued and recognized in your work.

What we are looking for

We are a small business which means we need people that are are willing to wear many hats and perform various duties.

You will be the face of our company on deliveries. We are looking for someone who cares about legendary customer service  with a passion for providing exceptional client experiences. This includes a professional appearance, strong interpersonal skills and excellent communication. Even our purple truck says “be kind” 😉

A large part of this position will be working with the event designers to come up with and execute unique and new ideas and builds. This will be your chance to help us build and design new furniture, displays, etc. to bring on site and kick some ass. We’re looking for someone with general knowledge of tools, furniture repair and carpentry to keep us operating smoothly!

This position would include (but not be limited to) the following:

  • General warehouse organization and cleanliness
  • Loading, unloading and moving inventory by hand, dolly, or basic material handling
  • Verifying orders as described on packing slips/delivery notifications
  • Organize and load orders on truck
  • Safely drive and deliver in a 3-ton truck
  • Perform weekly vehicle inspections (such as checking fluids) and bringing it into the shop for regular maintenance as required
  • Communicate with Office Team to ensure smooth processes and happy clients. Assisting with delivery scheduling, staffing and routing.
  • Building custom projects (ex: arches, signage, etc.)
  • Furniture repair, cleaning and inventory maintenance

The Skills Required

  • Valid class 5 driver’s license (no special licence required for our size of truck)
  • Must have a clean driving record and display good driving habits
  • Team player, positive attitude and excellent problem solving abilities
  • Interact at a high level of professionalism with clients and colleagues to build and maintain positive, supportive and respectful relationships
  • Ability to safely lift delicate and heavy furniture
  • General knowledge of tools and furniture repair
  • Some carpentry skills (ex: to build a wooden arch)
  • Thoughtful and resourceful in stressful situations
  • Self starter and strong attention to detail
  • Willing to learn and adapt in a fast paced environment
  • Computer skills

Work Schedule

Must be available weekends, split shifts and late, late nights. Due to the nature of our business, the time of work will depend on the event bookings and delivery schedule.

This position is year round and full time. However, the bulk of the hours may be worked in the summer season with a slower winter season – meaning at the end of the year a “full time” schedule would have been worked (more overtime in summer, shorter weeks in winter).

Days can vary from a single task to a full day. Flexibility is key!

Please Note: This is a labor intensive position, so you must be physically able to work on your feet while lifting heavy objects for an 8 hour period.

How to apply

Say hey! Please send an email to (she owns the joint) to introduce yourself, send over a resume and any details you think we should know. No phone calls or drop ins please.

Only shortlisted candidates will be called.



Now Hiring! Decor Assistants for 2017 Season


Looking for the raddest people.

Position: Decor Assistant (Seasonal/Part Time)

Work Schedule: Weekends & evenings from March-October (Hours are not guaranteed and scheduling will be based on availability and aptitude)

Rate of Pay: $15/hour (7AM – 10PM) and $25/hour (10PM-7am)

The Haps:

Your position as a decor assistant will mainly revolve around the set-up and striking of weddings. This will involve following design plans and putting your own design skills to test with on-site styling. Shifts will often be split – one afternoon shift and one late night shift to accommodate the set-up and strike of the event. Times will vary 🙂

The Duties Required:

  • Wedding set up (including, but not limited to: packing/unpacking the decor, hanging lighting/displays, setting and styling tables, assisting with floral arrangements, etc.)
  • Wedding tear down (carefully re-packing decor)

The Must-Have Qualifications:

  • Legendary customer service skills
  • Extremely punctual
  • Must be organized and flexible
  • Ability to self start and work independently
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Ability to lift at least 40 pounds (#muscles)


  • You must have a reliable transportation to travel between Hope & Whistler
  • You must be available to work weekends & late nights
  • Experience in the events industry is an asset (but a love for hustle is a must)

To apply please send an introduction over to


DIY Monogrammed Ring Box

DIY Monogrammed Ring Box- I love the natural wood look with the burned Initial! So simple and classy

Today we’re bringing a simple but elegant DIY your way. This DIY Monogrammed Ring Box is so simple, the aesthetic could fit almost any decor theme. We love the clean round shape with no latches (just a hidden magnet!) of these boxes that are the perfect size to be carried down the aisle in little ones’ hands. If you’re looking to do something a little different than a traditional ring pillow… maybe this is your answer! We chose to do a simple one letter monogram inside two clean circles, but you could totally choose to dress it up with some flourishes and garnishes. The sky is the limit!

DIY Monogrammed Ring Box- I love the natural wood look with the burned Initial! So simple and classy

If you’ve never tried wood burning, it can seem a bit intimidating. I mean, the thing is hot enough to burn wood, right? But we dare you to try it out! It’s actually so simple. Think of it like writing with a hot pen. A very hot pen, but just a pen. The entire handle is cool, you just need to keep your little fingers away from the hot end (just like a glue gun). And is that really so scary?

We picked up this box from Michaels, theres so many different shapes and sizes to choose from. The first thing you’ll want to do is decide on your design. Sketch it out or print out a stencil to transfer to your box. Put on your round pointed tip for your wood burner and let it warm up while you’re doing this.

DIY Monogrammed Ring Box- I love the natural wood look with the burned Initial! So simple and classy

DIY Monogrammed Ring Box- I love the natural wood look with the burned Initial! So simple and classy

We used a candle to trace around to get the circle shape. I don’t know about you but drawing a perfect circle isn’t my strength! We added a second circle inside that one before working on the ‘A’. To do a faux calligraphy letter, draw it as you normally would then add thickness to the ‘down’ strokes. That means any time your pen would be travelling towards the baseline, you should be making that stroke thicker.

DIY Monogrammed Ring Box- I love the natural wood look with the burned Initial! So simple and classy

DIY Monogrammed Ring Box- I love the natural wood look with the burned Initial! So simple and classy

You could even add in a date on the bottom as a memento.

There you have it! Easy as pie! We used some white linen to fill the box, but you could choose any material that matches your colours. What do you think of the simple raw wood look? We cant help but picture it at a winter wedding full of fresh holiday greens! But maybe that’s just the season.

DIY Monogrammed Ring Box- I love the natural wood look with the burned Initial! So simple and classy

If you follow this DIY we would LOVE to see photos!