We love vintage campers at weddings!

This post was just so much fun to put together. If you’ve been following Bespoke Decor for a while, you might remember our super fun Kids at Weddings shoot from a couple years back! One of the most special bits from this shoot (although there were a lot!) was a vintage camper for the kiddos to duck into for some quiet time. Since then… we’re hooked. We couldn’t help but rounding up some of the best ideas on how to use vintage campers at your wedding- just in time for summer.

we love vintage campers at weddings!


ONE: This wedding is so bohemian it’s amazing. They used an airstream right front and centre as a backdrop to their vows.

TWO: A vintage camper indoors? Why not? This event makes it look like the best idea.

THREE: What an incredible location- am I right?! This wedding uses an airstream for a travelling bar… perfect!

FOUR: If you’re headed on a roadtrip for your honeymoon… why not make your vintage camper your getaway vehicle?

FIVE: So we’ve covered a mobile bar… but what about a mobile prep kitchen? It’s perfectly functional while making a fun backdrop.

SIX: How fun is this… a photo booth!? I love it!

SEVEN: Last but definitely not least… one of our fave shoots of all time. A children’s retreat.

What’s your favourite? Obviously we’re partial to our own… but also I’d love to see a bride and groom drive off with a vintage camper!


Dream Job Alert: Decor Assistants

You know when you know that something is coming… but then all of a sudden it’s here and how-the-heck-did-that-happen-so-fast!? That’s wedding season friends. So we’re hiring and hoping that some of you amazing applicants can start yesterday. If you’re super amazing, know that we’ll wait for you 😉

If you are looking for a dream job that gives you summer days in the sun (and evenings/weekends decorating with beautiful things), you really love weddings, and are a gem to be around- we want you. Check out the full posting below and pretty please share this with anyone you think might make a great addition to our team!

bespoke decor vancouver hiring decor assistant

Decor Assistants – Seasonal/Part Time

Position: Decor Assistant

Work Schedule: Weekends & evenings from May-October (Hours are not guaranteed and scheduling will be based on availability and aptitude)

Rate of Pay: $15/hour

Start Date: ASAP

The Overview: Your position as a decor assistant will mainly revolve around the set-up and striking of weddings. This will involve following design plans and on-site styling. Most shifts will be split – one afternoon shift and one late night shift to accommodate the set-up and strike of the event. Times will vary :)

The Duties Required:

  • Wedding set up (including, but not limited to: packing/unpacking the decor, hanging lighting/displays, setting and styling tables, assisting with floral arrangements, etc.)

  • Wedding tear down (carefully re-packing decor)

The Must-Have Qualifications:

  • Legendary customer service skills

  • Extremely punctual

  • Must be organized and flexible

  • Ability to self start and work independently

  • Ability to work well under pressure

  • Ability to lift at least 50 pounds (#muscles)

The Extra Details:

  • You must have a reliable transportation to travel between Hope & Whistler

  • You must be available to work weekends & late nights

  • Experience in the events industry is an asset (but a love for weddings & events is a must)

Please apply to hello@bespokedecor.ca with a resume and introduction.

DIY Crates full of flowers

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

So you want to fill a crate with flowers- and you don’t want to pay someone to do it for you. You want it to look heaping and full of flowers- and you don’t want it to cost a fortune. How hard can it be? Not that hard with our one tip that will help the crate look fuller with less blooms. Can you guess what it is?

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

Yep- mason jars. Or if it’s a taller crate, vases. Here’s why. If you just filled the crate with flowers that would be A LOT of flowers to fill the thing. But when you add mason jars, not only is it easier to water your pretty blooms, but it gives them something to lean against that is smaller than the edges of the crate. Take a vase with a wide opening. It takes a lot of flowers to fill that sucker. But if that vase has a flare at the top (meaning the top is just as big, but there’s a smaller neck), less flowers are necessary to make the bouquet look just as full. Does this make sense? Think of the mason gars as the ‘smaller neck’.

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

So to fill a crate this size, by using mason jars, you only need to use about half of the blooms as you would without. And that’s a promise. 😉 And you can even space the mason jars out a bit so you use less… it won’t even look like there’s less flowers. So snip some blooms from your garden or order from your florist and get arranging! Use longer stems at the ends to help them spill over and cut them shorter in the middle. Fluff as necessary and always use greens (leave some leaves on the stems) to help fill it out.

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

The one tip you need to know to fill a crate with flowers

Ta-Da! That’s a simple one for your Saturday.